Monday, May 17, 2010

Still Unable to Let Go

The flowers are springing here in New Jersey. The yellow daisy fields I always imagine running barefoot through them just skipping and having fun like we use to when I was younger with my cousins. I find myself out doors pretty often these days. I have so much jewelry completed that I need to take pictures of. I lightened as suggested some of my pictures on my web site but have many more to go. I had to retake most pics because when my last computer crashed most of my pics were on that computers hard drive (yea I learned this time I have them on an external hard drive). I ordered a new camera and have a new set up to try and make my pics lighter and less busy to focus on the object. My friend paints stained glass and has taken many pics in her lifetime she said she would give me some suggestions once I get to her house. This fluctuation of this weather has been very hard on people with chronic pain and it has not made it east to move on. So my task in the past few weeks has been to come up with policies for shipping, refunds, and delivery of purchased items, to lightened my pics and make them less busy.I think I finally might have figured something out with this picture stuff.

Welcome Scan

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vintage Costume Jewelry

When I first began to acquire my late Grandmother's jewelry I though this is going to be great I can take pictures, post them, and sell some vintage jewelry. My grandmother passed away in 1981, most likely stopped buying jewelry no later than 1979 because she was ill. Since then the jewelry has been in my aunts attic. When my aunt retired she decided she wanted to clean out her attic. I was very fortunate when my mother spoke to my aunt (who by the way was going to toss the costume jewelry), and she told her to send it to me because I design jewelry and I would be able to do something with the jewelry. I eagerly awaited for the box to come in the mail. Well the first items were in two fairly large boxes and I was so excited to see my grandmothers jewelry. I began to reminisce when she was getting ready for work putting on her jewelry and the house aroma was her Tabu perfume. My grandmother always wore jewelry for work most of her pieces had matching sets, she took care of her jewelry most is in excellent condition, unless it is that old it has some flaws but is still so fascinating. I began to look through all the jewelry and was so fascinated by the beautiful most sparkly designs. I began to realized this is not as simple as I thought it was going to be. I seen pieces that were signed by the designers Sarah Coventry, Weiss, Lisner, RFL, Japan Movement, Judy Lee, plus many more. My next job was to research the designers. I have gained so much knowledge on designer vintage costume jewelry and the eras the designs were popular. In upcoming weeks I will be selling some original vintage jewelry. As I was browsing threw the many rings anyone out there remember in the 70's the spoon ring which was a pretty hot item then. I have several which are marked sterling silver in different sizes. I will be reopening my shop May 1st and there will be several vintage pieces until then I continue to research and gain knowledge on vintage costume jewelry. Oh and my aunt continues to send more boxes of jewelry. I know now that my grandmother and I love pearls and there are many designs that I just can't part with so until next time………see you then