Sunday, April 26, 2009


How about wording when you look at an item on a store do you want the specific description without all the jibber jabber or do you like a little story about the item? How about specific words that catches your attention in a description?

Example #1

It is commonplace that all colors and styles fall into and out of favor. The ones featured by Lilly Pulitzer have proven this theory wrong. Their bright iconic palette remains chosen over many others year after year. Just a briny colored green, typical of an olive in a martini, can temper the odd pairing of bright pink and bright green. With this, they fall by the preppiness roadside.
A long hot sandy day at a summer beach, a bracingly refreshing outdoor shower, the puckishness of exuberant suntan therapy, are all antidotes to full beach days. They signal the end of time filled with the grittiness of dry and wet sand, tidal surf movement, stinky free floating seaweed sheets, abandoned shells, sea side feeding at a favored snack bar or ice cream truck. Eventually summer's multiple daytime opportunities need to have a natural curtain fall

Example 2
Sweetest little earrings of small matte dark aqua blue acrylic flowers (12mm wide) and aqua luster fire-polished faceted glass beads. The flowers are accented by vintage floral leaf bead caps and metallic bronze faceted glass beads. Just a petite 3/4” (2cm) in length from the bottom of the elongated antiqued copper kidney wire earring hooks, for a total length of about 2” (5cm).

Just a beautiful day

I just wanted to enjoy the past few days in this georgous weather. I don't know about the rest of you but our temps were in the high
90's it was great. Put a little water in the kids pool and wala like a summer day. I am just trying to get into this blog thing. I see a few more people are following this blog and my 2 old time friends are still hanging in with me. I am thinking I should focus on one web site not both artfire and etsy until I get established. I am finding it very overwhelming trying to do keep up with taking, uploading, describing, etc on 2 sites. I have been checking my stats with google anaylitic and I have been having a lot more hits on artfire. this tool is very helpful. I have to watch the tutorial to see how to customize the reports. Has anyone else found this tool helpful?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Getting it

I am sort of understanding how this all works. I am determined not to give up the fight selling my hand-crafted items on-line. Nor will I sell my items for pennies when I pour my heart and soul into each design along with the cost of supplies (lol). I have not gotten jobs because of my stubborness...I don't believe in getting ahead by walking on others. I have been taught work for what you want. This is a world of "its who you know, not what you know."( probably like that for years) but when the time comes I know I have done the right thing.
There is a really good web-site Artfire sneakers(find the link on chatter box). A time, store, and night is posted. Then all who want ambush the artfire store chosen. The store promoted is the one who has not made their first sale (you have to remain positive and keep trying for that sale). What a compasionate bunch of artisians working together helping one another.
It reminded me of the people who are being affected by the sad state of affairs I was watching the news the past several weeks all the talk about the economy, all the people losing their jobs, family losing their homes, dogs being taken to the SPCA because people can't afford to care for them,...being a social worker or just a compasionate person my next question was where do these people go?..I e-mailed a couple of news ABC, CBS, FOX to ask....recently I seen a broadcast about tent city. Our society is a throw away society, materialistic, out doing our paychecks...things are going into the direction of how it use to be when I was growing up....what is important family, friends, compassion, working as a team rather than an I on the right page what is your take on it?