Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Open House

Over the past few months I have been reading everything posted on how to promote your shop and increase or getting your first sale. I have had home jewelry parties in the past but my chronic pain issues prevent me from doing them more often. I needed to promote my merchandise and my web site. I had an open house jewelry party. I decide to have light refreshments. I did not have a lot to spend on refreshments, but I had a plan. People began to offer to bring something...so I accepted help and said yes. It turned out very nice and I had a successful open house jewelry party. I would like to share ideas I used to sell my merchandise while also promoting my artfire store. Most people were first time buyers, but there were a few regular customers.

I chose a date before Mother's Day
I had a free earring contest (which I obtained e-mail address, home addresses, and phone#).
I made my own earring cards with a special note and web site info on them.
Every bag had a business card attached (which has web site info)
My granddaughter special gift wrapped all purchased items, if it was to be given as a gift there was a inexpensive bag that we decorated and put the merchandise in, with pink tissue paper.
I had a sign for custom orders.
I had a "sale bin" which was items I made sometime ago and needed to sell or take apart. ( it is now empty).
I had a variety of prices (like my web site).

Right now that is all I can think of but I used a lot of suggestions from artfire news page, marketing, and other informative pages on the news page, .. chatterbox. I found this blog very informative for a lot of info.. check it out http://kaysommers.blogspot.com

I have been down for 3 days now with chronic pain but would I do it again......yes

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  1. I like your ideas for the jewelry party. really neat.